5 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic on Pinterest With More Clicks

5 tips to increase blog traffic on pinterest

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How to Increase Blog Traffic on Pinterest and Get More Clicks to Your Blog

One of the most commonly asked questions I get is “ How can I increase blog traffic on Pinterest?” Nearly every blogger is using Pinterest these days, but not everybody is using it correctly. Pinterest is the best free marketing tool for bloggers, and if you are new to the blogging world and haven’t established much SEO with Google yet, Pinterest is going to be your largest traffic driver.

But how do you use it to it’s full potential? If you’re pinning frequently but your click through rate is low, there are a few steps you can take to increase your blog traffic from your Pinterest.

1. Try New Pin Designs

Sometimes your content is fantastic, but your pins are not drawing in your readers. You could try out some new pin designs and see what works best. You can create multiple pins for every blog post. Use long, veritcal pins, bright, vibrant colors, and a variety of large fonts to make your pins stand out.

You can also take a look at your competitors pins and see what is working for them. Don’t copy them of course, but you can use them for inspiration for your own designs.

If you find one pin style does better than others, create similar style pins. You can create as many pin images as you want, there are no limits. I suggest changing up your pin images pretty often because Pinterest loves it when you pin brand new images. The more new pins you have, the more you can increase your blog traffic from Pinterest.

2. Optimize Your Keywords and Hashtags

Keywords help your pins show up in relevant search results. It is a good idea to use niche specific keywords to help your ideal readers find your content. If you have a blog that offers healthy recipes, use words that describe those recipes.

For example, maybe you have a banana bread recipe on your food blog. You set your description as “delicious banana bread recipe”. This description is too vague. Your pin will probably not rank high or get much blog traffic because there are many other “delicious banana bread recipes” out there. It will be hard for your pin to show up high in those results, and it doesn’t sound very interesting or unique.

Alternatively, you could try something like “This healthy dairy free egg free banana recipe is easy and only 5 ingredients! Made with (list the 5 ingredients). This simple banana bread recipe is so easy the kids could make it!’

By getting more specific, you are targeting multiple keywords.

“healthy banana bread recipe”

“egg free banana bread”

dairy free banana bread”

“Easy banana bread recipe”

“5 ingredient banana bread recipe”

“banana bread recipe for kids”

“simple banana bread recipe”

Now your getting more specific, and your pin will show up in many more search results.

Pinterest uses your descriptions to decide where your pin is going to show up. If your descriptions are too simple, it could show up in unrelated search results. Have you ever seen a pin for weight loss tricks when searching for brownie recipes? They probably had poorly placed keywords. This will result in many impressions but very little blog traffic, because it isn’t what the reader is looking for.

3. Join Niche Related Group Boards

Group boards are an excellent tool to make your pins go viral when you don’t have a large following yet. A group board is a board with many contributors pinning their pins. These group boards usually have a very large following. But not all group boards will work. There are group boards out there that aren’t very topic specific, and these won’t work as well for you.

If you have a blog about raising special needs children, a general parenting board might not be the best fit. There will be many parents following that board, but most of them will not be raising special needs children. This is another way you could end up with a large amount of impressions with very few clicks.

Search for group boards that are more on topic, such as boards about parenting kids with autism, or special needs children, or whatever topics are most relevant to your content. Share your pins on here and parents who are specifically looking for content related to special needs parenting will be the ones who see your pins, and are more likely to visit your website! Group boards are one of the quickest ways to increase your blog traffic with Pinterest.

4. Create new content frequently

If you aren’t producing new content very often and you are just re-pinning the same pins over and over, this can make you look a little spammy. Pinterest LOVES fresh new content, and so do your followers. When you’re repeatedly sharing the same thing over and over again, you’re less likely to get your pins seen. If you don’t have the ability to write weekly blog posts, create brand new pin images for your old content.

When you are just starting out and don’t have much content to work with, you can create new boards to pin to, and create new pin images.

5. Stay consistent, and don’t overdo it.

When you write a new blog post, are you pinning your pin to every board you possibly can? If so, this isn’t helping you at all. You need to give your pin time to grow, and you need to space out the frequency of pinning it again.

When you first publish a new post, pin it to your most relevant board first. Then wait a few days, and pin it to another board of yours, or a group board. Every few days, you may pin it to another board.  Try to avoid repinning the same pin too close together. You can pin a different pin image for the same blog post on the same day though. You can also schedule your pins this way on Tailwind.  Make sure you’re still pinning other content in between. 


Remember, stay consistent, keep your content fresh, and don’t be afraid to try something new if it’s not working out for you yet! You should be able to increase your blog traffic from Pinterest in no time! I hope these 5 tips helped answer some of your questions. For more Pinterest advice, subscribe to my email list and get new tips sent to you weekly!

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5 Ways to get more blog traffic from your pins

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