7 Tips to Being More Productive as a WAHM

how to work from home with kids

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Working from home and being a mother at the same time is HARD. I totally relate to your struggles. We have 7 kids and sometimes it can get really crazy around here. Today I want to share with you the best hacks I have learned on being more productive in life and in business while working from home with kids.

Plan the day ahead of time, and share it with them

If you are anything like me, you are a go with the flow type of woman. Rather than planning things out, you act based off how you feel. Just because this comes naturally to you, does not mean it is beneficial to you. Planning everything you need to do out ahead of time is the key to being more productive!

In order to get things done in your business and at home, you need to plan your days ahead of time. I mean plan everything. What time are you waking up, what time is lunch, when are you doing laundry, and when are you working on your business. You can create a set schedule to use every day, or you can plan each day individually as you go. Just make sure you plan your day the day before, so when you wake up you have some sort of direction to go with.

When you wake up in the morning with your day already planned, you will know exactly where to start and where to finish. You will know your goals for the day, and you won’t forget anything important.

Spend time with the kids first, then work

Some days we work more than others, and you may be left feeling as if you have neglected your kids and other responsibilities. Scheduling your day ahead of time helps prevent most of this. However, try to set time aside in the morning for the kids first, especially if you home-school or your kids are not in school.

This helps your kids feel important and can prevent any distractions later when they are wanting your attention because you have been working all morning. Something as simple as having breakfast together or reading a book can start your child’s day in a way that makes them feel important and respected.

Once you have spent some time with the kids, let them know that it is time for mom to work, and teach them to respect your working time. Spending time with the kids before you focus on your work also makes you feel better because you won’t have any guilt about spending enough time with the kids. This is a great mindset to get into that makes being more productive much easier.

Set timers to stay on track

It is easy to get lost in your work and forget all about the rest of the world. Have you ever been so caught up in your writing or social media, that suddenly 2 hours have gone by and the kids haven’t had lunch yet? Me too. We have all been there!

To avoid losing time, set timers for yourself so you know when it is time to move on to your next task. You can simply set an alarm on your phone or a reminder on your computer, and when time is up you stop what you are doing and move on to your next scheduled task. Staying on track is the whole point of making your scedule so you can be more productive! Write down where you left off or any ideas you were creating, so you don’t forget what you were doing when you pick it back up again.

Plan fun projects they can do independently

I think most moms are guilty of sticking the kids in front of the TV or tablet in order to get some distraction free work done. When you are planning out your day, think of some fun, age appropriate activities the kids can do besides watch TV while you work. Get out the arts and crafts, pick some board games, or play in the backyard. Choose a few things they can do without your help, so you can get work done more efficiently and distraction free.

Prepare snacks and meals ahead of time

Do your kids ask you for a snack every 30 seconds? Mine do too! You’re in the middle of a client call or a good brainstorming session and suddenly everyone is starving like they haven’t ate in 12 days. You can avoid this issue by having ready to go snacks available for them.

Fruit, crackers, popsicles, or cut up veggies are quick and easy snacks they should be able to take care of on their own. If they are old enough, you can set them out where they can grab as needed. If they are younger, and more inclined to eat it all in one sitting, set it all in a little basket or bin next to your work space so you can supervise when they take a snack. Not only does this make things easier for you, but it gives the kids a little independence.

Prioritize, outsource, and delegate

This is such a big one. You don’t need to do it all, you can’t do it all. There are so many ways you can change the way you do things to be more efficient and productive.

When creating your schedule for the day, plan to do the most important tasks first. This way you know they will get done. Especially if it is a task you don’t enjoy! When you get the big things out of the way, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and makes the smaller things feel so much easier to do. When you don’t need to worry about every little thing, you can focus on being more productive in the tasks that make you money.

Another way to be more productive with your time is to outsource some tasks. Is there something in your business that you can hire someone else to do? Why not hire a social media manager or a Pinterest manager to take care of that part of your business? Hire someone to do your video editing, marketing, or proofreading. Whatever tasks you don’t want to do or feel you aren’t very good at are great areas to outsource and free up your valuable time to get other things done.

As far as the house and kids go, delegate, delegate, delegate. Teach the kids age appropriate chores. You should not have to do everything yourself. Ask your spouse to do a few things for you, or to even just watch the kids for a few hours so you can work distraction free. If you plan these things ahead of time and create a system that works for the whole family, you will feel less overwhelmed and more focused in your business.

Cut corners where you can

Listen, some things just don’t need to be done right now. Are there things that you obsess over that aren’t that important? Do you REALLY need to fold the clean laundry? I know as a mother we can be hard on ourselves and expect so much. But you don’t have to have everything done perfectly. So what if that laundry sits in that basket for 3 days, it’s clean!

I’m not saying to let your house fall apart or to neglect your responsibilities. Just choose your battles wisely and stop having such high expectations for every area in your life. Spend a little extra time today working on your personal development, or playing with the kids, or meditating. Take care of you and what matters the most to you.

I hope these 7 tips to being more productive help you accomplish more in your business and home life. I understand all the challenges of working from home with kids around. Just remember, when you have a plan and stick to it, everything goes much smoother.

What are some of your tricks to getting things done at home with the kids? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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