5 Ways to Improve your Pinterest Images in 2019

5 Ways to improve your PInterest images

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Why are Pinterest images so important?

When people search on Pinterest, they are looking at the images. If your Pinterest images can grab their attention, then they will read the description and click on the link to go to your website. This is why your image is so important. If you can’t capture their attention here, you aren’t going to get the click.

As a Pinterest manager, I understand the importance of a good graphic. I create high quality Pinterest worthy graphics for my clients that convert to clicks.

I’m going to tell you the 5 most common mistakes bloggers are making with their Pinterest graphic designs.

#1. Your fonts are boring

When you are creating your Pinterest graphics, you need to make your text stand out. Use large text and a variety of fonts to keep things interesting. The bigger the text, the easier it will be to read. 

How to Improve your PInterest Image Designs

In this pin I used a variety of font styles and sizes. Try to stick to fonts that are easy to read. Some script fonts are hard to read, and will results in the user scrolling right on by. If they can’t skim it, they don’t read it. 

#2 You aren't using eye catching colors

When you are scrolling Pinterest, it’s an infinite page of images. You can scroll forever on Pinterest. Like I’ve mentioned before, you need to stand out to get your audience to stop and want to click on your pin.

By using a variety of colors, you can get your pin to stand out in the crowd. They don’t necessarily need to be bright colors, just visually appealing colors. Try to stick to images that have some white space. Darker backgrounds don’t do as well on Pinterest. 

Improve your pinterest designs

This pin I designed is bright and colorful and will definitely grab someones attention. I personally prefer bright and feminine colors, but you can use softer colors or bolder colors as well.

I used softer colors on this pin, but it is still visually pleasing and is doing pretty well on Pinterest already.

3. You aren't giving them a reason to click

The text you use on your pin is an extremely important part of driving traffic. You have to give them a reason to want to click on your pin. What are they going to get out of it? Why should they choose your pin over the next?

#4 Your using the wrong background images

Free stock photos are great, but did you know that what photos you use can effect how well your pin does?

I learned this the hard way.

When I was a new blogger, I created a pin that had an image of a desktop with a lot of flowers on it. I added my text overlay, put it on my blog post, and started pinning away.

This pin didn’t do very well at all. I eventually discovered that Pinterest thought my pin was about FLOWERS. Yup, all those flowers on the image confused the heck out of Pinterest! 

I made this pin as an example. If I wrote a blog post about planning a summer vacation, and used this image of smoothies as the background, Pinterest is going to think my Pinterest is about smoothies! The smoothies picture does have a summer vibe, and the colors are bright and eye catching, but this picture is going to send Pinterest the wrong message.

In order to use stock photos properly and create a successful pins, you have to find images that relate to what your pin is about.

#5 You're using built-in templates

If you are creating your Pinterest pins in Canva, you want to avoid using those premade templates. The problem with the templates is they are increasingly popular on Pinterest, and results in your pins appearing boring and similar to all the others.

You’re best bet is to create your images on Photoshop. There is a lot more flexibility on Photoshop, and the quality of your pins will be better. I still use Canva sometimes, but Photoshop is my primary choice.

There is a learning curve to using Photoshop, but there are free courses and Youtube videos you can watch to learn how to use it.

Need more help creating Pinterest images?

There you have it! These are some of the most common mistakes I seee bloggers making with their Pinterest pins. I hope these tips helped you learn where you can improve your designs!

If you need help creating beautiful Pinterest worthy pins to grab attention and drive more clicks to your blog, I can help! Contact me to discuss your needs.

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